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April/May 2003


The Best
  by Carol Daus
  RT speaks with the people who put their respiratory departments into U.S. News and World Report’s top ten U.S. hospitals for 2003.
Ayurvedic Nutrition
  by John A. Wolfe, RRT, CPFT
  Ayurvedic preventive medicine, which stresses nutritional and herbal recommendations for individual body types, offers a potentially effective and inexpensive complementary treatment for patients with respiratory illnesses.
Our Teens Are Smoking: How to Put Out the Fire
  by John A. Wolfe, RRT, CPFT, and Carol Mihailuk, RRT
  Although overall teen smoking rates have dropped, tobacco use continues to increase among girls, less-educated teens, and other adolescent groups.
CF: Lung Infections and Interleukin
  by K Reddi, PhD; S B Phagoo, PhD; M S Woo, MD; K D Anderson, MD; and D Warburton, DSc, MD
  IL-8 is an important chemokine involved in CF inflammation. The identification of novel B cepacia and P aeruginosa target candidate antigens that induce host cells to oversecrete IL-8 may lead to new therapeutic approaches.
Securing the Endotracheal Tube
  by Dan Hatlestad
  New guidelines from the American Heart Association recommend devices rather than tape for securing tubes. Knowing how to use and secure devices is crucial, as is knowing when they are or are not appropriate.
Respiratory Symptoms and Sleep: A Primer
  by Regina Patrick
  In some cases, modifying behavior and altering respiratory medications can alleviate sleep problems.
Pitfalls, Perils, and Pearls of Pulse Oximetry
  by Patricia Carroll, RRT, RN, BC, CEN, MS
  Clinicians who take pulse oximetry readings at face value do so at their own risk.
Whole-body plethysmography
  by John D. Zoidis, MD
  Plethysmography can measure volumes not available through spirometry, although it is not appropriate in all circumstances.


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  by Anne Welsbacher
  Silencing Tobacco Talk
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  by Sam P. Giordano, President, AARC
  RTs at Work at AARC
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  RT interviews Gary Tschautscher, president and CEO of Nonin® Medical Inc in Plymouth, Minn.
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  Nipping Asthma in the Bud
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